Fight Fires With Marshmallows

I need a place for my brain waves to crash.
I think this is it for now.
I listen to a lot of music and watch a lot of films but it never seems to be enough.

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Japan’s Nabana no Sato Botanical Garden used over 7,000,000 LED lights to create this amazing tribute to nature featuring displays of rainbows, auroras, and Mt. Fuji.

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Femininity and Color: Vibrant Film Photography by Hana Haley

Eye catching is one way to put young photographer Hana Haley’s colorful photographs.


Things I WOULD Wish Upon My Enemies [doghousediaries]

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Only forgive someone because you believe they are truly sorry, not because you want them back in your life.


Auroras glow above Jupiter and moon, 1981

Ron Miller

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Just got back from from my annual pilgrimage to The Big Easy and it’s only reaffirmed my belief that if you want to have a yearly affair with a city whose food leaves you wanting a little more each time, New Orleans is your mistress. 

I had one of the best meals of my life at Cafe Amelie.

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