Fight Fires With Marshmallows

I need a place for my brain waves to crash.
I think this is it for now.
I listen to a lot of music and watch a lot of films but it never seems to be enough.

Love The Life Eclectic

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I know you’re probably not supposed to treat Zumba like therapy, but, today feels like I might need to.

Feeling tres crampy today but I get my new trainers (an early birthday present from my Mum, please let them got properly) and I have Zumba with craftystartsover today!!

Roll on 4.30pm!!

Diana Ross and the Supremes sing “Come See About Me,” “Stop! In The Name Of Love,” “You Can’t Hurry Love,” “You Keep Me Hanging On" and "I Hear A Symphony" on the Ed Sullivan Show on December 4, 1966.

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