Fight Fires With Marshmallows

I need a place for my brain waves to crash. I think this is it for now.
I listen to a lot of music and watch a lot of films but it never seems to be enough.
Love The Life Eclectic

Trying the first treat from my @lifeboxfoodco box and it is delicious 😊

Yay! Thank you @lifeboxfoodco 😘❤️👍

My day has been made by the arrival of my @lifeboxfoodco winnings! #eatclean #healthy


Tipitina’s began as a neighborhood juke joint, established in 1977, by a group of young music fans (The Fabulous Fo’teen) to provide a place for Professor Longhair to perform in his final years. The venue, named for one of Longhair’s most enigmatic recordings “Tipitina,” has survived in an ever-changing musical climate. In the past three decades, Tipitina’s has grown from a small, neighborhood bar into an international music icon. The venue has expanded into a two-story music venue located at the famed corner of Napoleon and Tchoupitoulas.

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